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Friday, August 12, 2011

Talk About Overwhelmed!

I never knew there would be such an enormous, all hours of the day and night, community of other writers out there.  I suppose I am considered slightly hermit-like.  Then again, writing is not all that I do.   It is the only thing I truly want to do and excel at, my dream since I was six years old. But, for now, I have a part time away from home day job four days a week.  As a healer, I am much in demand and will drop anything to do what I can for those who need it.  As a designer of my own clothing,  jewelry and other items, I try to sell what I can so that the money goes to the things we need around the house.  There is so little time to do what it is that sustains my creative gifts and my sleep suffers for it.  Ahhhhhhh, then there are the characters themselves.  I have more than 6 books written and the characters from those books compete for the time it would take to give a complete revision of their stories.   It is sometimes a little difficult to determine who is in the front and which ones came earlier and/or later...

I would like very much to tell you the short synopsis version of the book TWRP has contracted for. I am also very excited since this is the first step toward my dream. "Be Still..." is about  a new race of characters to the paranormal genre. Known as Vatamps, which means "Memory Makers," this old race was almost completely annihilated by a warring faction many years before this first book. There are few of them left and even though they are growing again, most of the females have suffered from infertility. The eldest two took the only ship left them and joined a brand new space station called 'The Amazzi Moon 14' where they built a night club and have been successfully running for the past 400 years.   That brings us to the first part of the book.   Basically, this is a futuristic paranormal tale spun in space.  

When young, Tempest was told by the seer that escaped being annihilated that he would go away until it would be time for him to return and become the leader for his people he was meant to be. He would know this by an event that he has prayed for, followed by the letter announcing the seer's death.    Shea is human, widowed quite young and lives life on the edge with her best friend as members of the Union,  a universal military service on a small station where they put their lives in peril every time they go out to defend colony bound cargo ships, carrying precious supplies to outposts and new colonies, from ruthless pirates that would rather kill the crew and steal the entire freighter.    To make the long story short, one of their own is dangerous, and due to certain circumstances, targets Shea and is intent upon her death.
When both young women are brought into the emergency medical bay after being pulled from what was left of their fighter, Tempest swears he is not going to lose Shea, his bondmate and makes it his responsibility, staying by her side, holding her to him by sheer will and determination. This is where the romance comes out, predominantly.  Time grows short when another letter arrives begging for him to take his place among those of his kind but Tempest will not leave without Shea.  First, he has to protect her from the person responsible for trying to take her life and still searching to make sure she is dead.   Okay,  this is as far as I am going to spill.    You'll just have to wait until I get the news of it's release.    I can promise that you will love this first book in the Memory Makers series.

   Okay, I'll end the post here. I warned you they could be fairly lengthy, but I had to make a token pitch of the book.  See you next post.

Writing is my dream. From romance to dragons; fairies to fantasy worlds, this is where I live and play.  Thanks be to God! - Lisa Hannah Wells

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