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Saturday, April 13, 2013


       Lisa Hannah Wells

No sweeter blessing could there ever be
Of all God’s precious miracles there are
Than the birth of a perfect, healthy baby
This precious new life is His gift by far.

To love and to cherish and raise in His ways,
To protect and to teach him right from wrong
To always be there for him all of his days
And instill in him the values that will make him strong.

In this imperfect world, life is seldom fair.
We must teach him to never give up, believe in his dreams.
It’s okay to cry, feel emotion, celebrate the good and share.
That it’s good to help others no matter how hard it seems.

To love one another is God’s greatest command
To ensure that he knows this, will form his destiny true
A man, he’ll be, loving, proud, and successful, he’ll stand.
He’ll continue the circle, a wife and child, new now, and then, too.
                           LOGAN DAVID YOUNG  BORN APRIL 13, 2013

I'm officially a grandma!



  1. What a cutie. I love the little button nose. Such a strong name.

  2. Congratulations! Grand-parenting is a special relationship unlike any you've known before. Not only do you get the best cuddles, but you get to watch your own children evolve into parents. Enjoy every single moment.

  3. What a handsome laddie!! Congratulations on welcoming this angel into your life.

  4. How wonderful. I love being a grandparent. Three of my six are grown. Watching them grow up has been a blessing. You have many special moments ahead. Cherish them all with your handsome little fella.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Congratulations. It is wonderful being a grandmother, and what a gorgeous little man he is.



  6. He's precious and a cutie. I became a grandma for the first time 5 weeks ago. I know what joy you are experiencing. Congrats and have fun spoiling him!

  7. He's beautiful Lisa! So alert. Congrats and enjoy him. I have five granddaughters and pray for a boy one day. Either way, I cherish all of my grandbabies every day.

  8. Nothing more precious than a baby. He's darling! Enjoy every minute!
    And congrats to you, too, new Grandma Brenda :-)

  9. Congratulations to you and your family, Lisa. As you wrote in your poem, there is no greater miracle or gift than a perfect, healthy baby, and your new grandson is definitely that. He's a real cutie.