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Sunday, November 4, 2012


A call went out from my wonderful publisher for submissions. Well, I have several books that I have written that are just lying around waiting for editing, contracts and publication. So, I took a chance, jumped and submitted two. Now, don’t get me wrong, book two in the Memory Maker’s series is still in the editing and filling in stage, but is otherwise, complete and will be submitted this year as well.  I also, have a contemporary that I will be submitting for next year’s Holiday treat!  AND there are more! But, I wouldn’t want to be presumptuous or overwhelming! I just want to be hopeful and next year has simply got to be a better one than this one has. 

THE HONOR OF MY LOVER’S HEART is the second in the Memory Maker’s series and is Cami’s story. No, it’s not with Aveal. But with another character who’s made a promise to his people to bring technology back to them. Racer turns out to be Cami’s bondmate, much to her chagrin. However, the two couldn’t be more alike. She, however, is not very good at following the rules, and now that they are in the world of the Vatamps, she can’t quite seem to come to terms with their culture and her life  is threatened due to her stubbornness and her trouble fitting in. Racer believes he is keeping her safe by keeping her out of his dangerous undertaking, but Cami is a warrior in her own right and if they are both to survive, they will need to work together.  Their story is a very hot and steamy one with even more action and adventure than the first.  But don’t worry, Aveal will get his day in book three. I won’t reveal his just yet.
The two submitted are a Vampire heated romance full of comedy, drama and one of my absolute favorites. I hope it makes it out there for all of you. The second is a fast paced, story full of twists and turns through time travel involving one headstrong bounty hunting  witch and one sexy opinionated ghost. But, hey, time changes everything, right?  Let’s hope you get to find out!

Well that’s the news for now! Stay tuned. By the way, BE STILL MY LOVER’S HEART is out in both paperback and on e-book on Kindle, Mobi and other formats through Amazon and The Wild Rose Press websites. I hope you check it out!

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