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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Every year, whether or not we put up the Christmas tree, our kids (the four footed variety) cats to be more specific, always know what time of year it is. I think it's rather funny. I have three 7 year old male cats that are all indoors. They have kitty t.v., the front balcony, when the door is open, and more furniture than we do.  It never fails to amaze me that when Christmas time comes around, they act differently. How? Well, they tend to be nicer to one another, leave the garbage alone and shred less paper products. They are on their best behavior. I swear it is like having children in the house again.   This year, we decided to put up the tree after three years of not doing it. I decorated it very nicely, making sure that the more expensive ornaments are in the upper part of the tree and the cheap, unbreakable ones are on the lower branches. Even though
they are older cats, they still love to bat at the ones on the lower branches. At least they don't try to climb up inside the tree anymore. You'd think that with all the toys and things they have to keep them  happy, even home grown kitty weed, they wouldn't pay attention to something like a human holiday.  I know that animals tend to pick up on our moods and I think that is part of their charm.  My three boys are like excited three year old children this year. Fortunately, we still have toys in a drawer that they have never seen yet. We thought we might get away without putting stuff out for them this year. We thought wrong. Everyday, they look at the tree, check under it for something that might be for them and then wait until the next day  and repeat. I love my boys dearly. I do have grown children, but they celebrate a family Christmas in New York with their dad and stepmother. I did get to spend Thanksgiving with two of them and that was priceless. But, I get off the subject here.

This year, like in previous years, we'll put out new toys for them under the tree with the other few gifts and then hurry to beat them upstairs on Christmas morning. (They have their own room and like to be put to bed at night.) It will be a joy just watching them picking out their prizes and begin to play with new toys. Then, when we have celebrated our own gift exchange, the cats get the boxes, paper and bows to play with for a few hours. Then it's time for one of their many catnaps per day.  Still, I can't help but wonder... how do they know?


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